The Burning Desire of Missing God

Is that possible, to miss God? I can tell you this, it is possible to miss a time of your life where you we're closer to Him then you are now. You miss the late [...]

Pokémon Stop! Have Some Boundaries

So if you follow the news any you know what Pokémon Go is and know someone who plays. I happen to know too many people that play and have become the oddball in the group [...]

“Me Too” Won’t Do

Albert Einstein's great-grandson doing a commercial? Yeah, well he did a few years ago. This particular auto manufacturer was showing that a new generation of drivers was choosing their make of car; not just their [...]

Being Chased By a Storm

I saw the movie "Twister." It was hair-raising! Even for a guy with not much hair to raise. But I kept telling myself, "It's just a story. Special effects." Well, what happened to the Weather [...]

Man of Steel – Where’s Superman?

Okay, I'm admitting it. I wore my Superman t-shirt to sleep in last night. I do some other nights too. That's about as close to being Superman as I'll ever get. See, sometimes these days [...]

4 Reasons Church Leaders Should Pay Attention To Christian Hip-Hop

Imagine trying to be a missionary in another country without even attempting to learn the language. Any explanations of the gospel would be useless. Your listeners would have no idea what you are saying. In [...]

My Generation’s Weeds Problem

I’m a Millennial, and my generation has a weeds problem. In Jesus’s parable of the sower, no fewer than three soils turn out fruitless. There’s the soil so hard that seeds bounce off just to be [...]

American Girls and Their Social Media Lives

Being a teenage girl has never been easy. They have to deal with changing bodies and shifting perceptions, boys and temptations, school and drama, popularity and parents, and future fears and expectations. I should know; I’m a teenage girl. But [...]

If You’ve Cheated, Should You Tell Your Spouse?

Adultery is devastating. In the aftermath of an adulterous affair, the offending spouse must first turn away from sin through repentance before God. But after such repentance takes place, there’s another question that has to [...]